Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pulling Poison Weeds

Well, I pulled weeds today.  Or more to exactly, poison ivy, oak, and perhaps even sumac... Why?  Because, now that the first rent house on Midway Lane was sold, they redrew the boundaries and now I have more land to mow, weed, and keep up... including another Holly bush/tree.  So, being that I've never gotten the poison weeds out from under that new tree and my daughter, Calista, is very allergic to it, I got to work.  I've never had any reaction to them... or to just perhaps just the Poison Ivy... I was pulling out all kinds of weeds... some I recognized, others I didn't... I took no chances and pulled them.  I put them in a plastic store bag and then put them in the garbage can outside.  I hope to have taken care of all dangers around that tree!  Guess we'll see!

On a side note, I also met our new neighbors behind us (facing HWY 743).  Kristi and Mark.  They have 2 children: Chase (5 yrs old) and Gracie (4 mths old, I think).  They're like us in that they've been together for years, have children and aren't married! lol

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