Friday, August 30, 2013

2 Mile Walk/Run

Today, I I'vearted joining my next-between that and the walk/run, I've taken over 10,000 steps today!neighbor, Jessica, for a 2 mile walk/run!  OMG, rough towards the end but, I made it!!! :D  woohoo!  This is her 3rd day and my first... but, since today is Friday and Monday is Labor Day, we won't do it again until Tuesday.  Sweating my a$$ off!  ha ha ha  My cheeks are hot and red!   hehe  But, I NEED this!!!  I weigh 152 lbs this morning!!!  argh!  Now, it could be pre-menstrual weight too... but... still... way TOO much!

I had thought about fasting again... was going to do it this week, but, Jeremy took his vacation and was home all week and didn't want me to... so, we could go eat lunch together :D hehe  It's been nice :))

I'll see how this walk/run goes and think about fasting... I don't know if I should fast while doing that though... probably not a good idea... 

Before and After pictures???  IDK... I HATE my body right now... but, maybe I will for my own incentive if I need it in the future.

Well, I've mowed half the yard and between that and the walk/run this morning, I've taken 10,000 steps! :-D

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