Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve

First off, tonight will mark me and Jeremy's first kiss; the prelude to our furture together;  17 years now!!!

Seventeen years!  That's a LONG time!  Hahaha

So much has happened in those years... 3 kids... almost ended it.., but, here we are!  Still together and content :-)

Secondly,  resolutions.

Yes, I'm doing the typical one; LOSE WEIGHT and KEEP IT OFF!!!

I will start it off by doing a 3-day fast... ans then trying to keep up a regular work-out/exercise schedule!!!

I'm like 148 lbs.  I want to get back to135 lbs; to start out with!  Ultimate goal is 125 lbs... but, I know that's a stretch.

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