Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Veya and Titan had their 2nd litter of puppies on January 6th  (my niece's, Arielle, 21st birthday!).  She had 11... smashed 3 of them and the tiniest one died :-(  So, 7 of them are doing well.  Only 2 males out of 11... and still 2 males left.  Jason, Jeremy's brother, wants the blue male... he already has one of Veya's pups from her first litter (this is her 3rd) and they just LOVE Dexter! Hehe. So, they want a friend for him.

Have the other male spoken for and 2 of the females so far... yay!

I really think Veya needs to get fixed once these puppies are gone... she looks so awful; like she's starving... her backbone is showing :-(  Same thing happened for her last litter.  I think having puppies puts a huge strain on her... She has access to food and water all day long.  IDK... last time it took a couple months before she got her weight back.

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