Friday, January 02, 2015

A New Year!

Jeremy and I have been together for 18 years now!
Have they been easy years???  No... not even a little bit! lol  However, we've come through it and we're doing really well now; considering... :D

So, here I am, on January 1st... weigh about 160lbs... give or take a couple pounds.
I haven't gone to Cajun Fitness while the children have the time off from school.  Hopefully, I'll get back on track Monday.  I say hopefully because... right before Christmas, Jeremy's Cougar broke down :(  His transmission went out totally.  He knew it was coming.  He towed it in with Kevin's (our neighbor) help.

Jason, Tori, and their kids came over on Christmas Eve.  Jeremy cooked a turkey.
That evening, we drove to Lake Charles in my Honda Odyssey to go to Jeremy's Uncle Anthony's house.  We hadn't gone in years... maybe 6 years?  IDK.  But, everyone was so happy to see us!  They couldn't believe how big the kids were; especially Calista... since she's the one they were used to seeing all the time :)  Calista got to meet Jeremy's artist cousins: Eric and Jamie.  One teaches art at college and one teaches art at the elementary school.
We had a really good time.  Jeremy went begrudgingly; but, he was glad to have gone at the end of the day :)  Sometimes, he does need to listen to what I suggest! lol  It's true, though! :)
Cheryl bought the girls some birthstone jewelry and bought Halo Legos for Wyatt.

My family (Cherie, Richard {her fiance}, her girls, and Aimee) came over on Christmas Day.
They stayed until Sunday.
In that time, we were invited to go to Tasha's to have one more get-together before Jason and Tori head back to Arkansas.  And they were fine with my family joining us :)

My family left Sunday evening.
Jeremy took my van to work Monday.
On the way home, after work (worked until 7:30pm), the oil light came on.  He ended up stopping twice to pour a total of 3 quarts of oil in the van in Opelousas.  He parked on the carport, came in, told me about it, I go out there to see, and there's tons of oil on the cement :(  So, now, we were down to just the motorcycle (Ninja)!  Ugh!
He was able to order a gasket from a parts store and it came in the next day.  He put it in.  He drove the van to work today; so far so good!
Who know how long before he gets the Cougar back... he took out a $1500 loan to pay for it :-/

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