Wednesday, June 29, 2005

New Look

Yeah, I decided to go with a new template for this blog... seems like its not gonna look quite right until those little quizzes are in the archive section instead of the main page...


Crazy-ass dreams... of course, they say that comes with the territory of being pregnant... but, I've always had vivid dreams.

One of my dreams, my leg was cut off below the knee... I believe it was my right leg. It was right on the side of me and I felt it and was wondering when they were gonna reattach it; I was at the hospital.

Jeremy's been having dreams too... he dreams that we have our 2 girls and a son... so... maybe we'll actually have a boy this time :D That would be so cool. Of course, I'll love another daughter just as much :D But, being that this is more than likely our last one...

General Griping:

I'm soooo sick of worrying about the bills! I just cannot wait until that settlement is finished! I don't care how much we get... as long as we can pay the bills that we accumulated due to Jeremy's car accident. We have the $2000 loan to pay off and the Visa bill that's about $2800 to pay off... plus we are far behind on the utility bills... We will have to buy Calista some new shirts for school... the shorts will prolly still fit... maybe get a couple of more jumpers though... as well as new socks and shoes.

I just want Jeremy to let ME handle the money. I would soooo keep us in the clear and have extra money... I bet.

I have the mind to call his lawyer and ask what's up with the case. Also call those people that are garnishing his check.

We have to go to the D.A.'s office at some point before July 20th to settle the crap about us not being married, him supporting me and the girls and Medicaid.

Another thing I worry about... keeping my appointments with no vehicle and no license.

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