Thursday, June 23, 2005

Rough Night

Man, I barely got any sleep last night. My throat kills me at night! It doesn't really bother me during the daytime... its like once I'm laying down, it feels awful. Swallowing hurts terribly. So, I ended up getting up and gargling with salt water... which I accidently let some go down my throat which caused me to gag and try to throw up... nothing to throw up though. I gargled with hydrogen peroxide and sipped on a combo of apple cider vinegar, lemon juice and water... then poured some honey down my throat. That all helped somewhat because I was actually able to fall asleep.

Then, of course, my dreams... geez... one of them had me waking up desperately trying to breathe... I was running from some aliens... (LOL) and went home to wake Jeremy and Ursula up (not sure where Calista was) but I had a feeling they had already taken them and left some fakes in the bed... I saw the window next to the bed was open (not my real life home either). That's when I started like panting. I finally woke up and was breathing so hard, my heart was beating hard as well.

So, between my actual throat killing me and my dreams... it was a rough night :(

One cool thing... I bought a nice threadmill from our neighbors yesterday :D

Jeremy cut his hair off Tuesday evening and Calista lost her first tooth that same evening :D woohoo! :D

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