Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Finally Finished with Court

YAY! Although Jeremy had to miss yet another day of work :( But, at least this is over for good! The judge dismissed it and the girls and I are still on Medicaid :D

And the girls did really well. We were there from 9am, broke an hour for lunch, and left @ 1:30pm. So, for never having to sit for so long and be quiet, they did really well. I did sit out in the hall for about an hour before lunch... they were getting too antsy and I didn't want them to disrupt others... nor did I want them to continue getting fussed as much.

The court was pretty laid back. Strange, really. In fact, when the judge walked in, the bailiff asked everyone to please be seated... aren't you supposed to stand until the judge tells you to sit?

When we got up there, finally, the people sitting around the semi-circle desk (took up the width of the room) were all smiling at my girls :D hehe And when we finished, they talked to them a little bit and told them good-bye :D Ursula told them all 'bye' :D I know she was ready to get out of there!

In the car, on the way home, she asked if we were going to Mimi and Papa's house :D hehe


Julie M. said...

Good deal!!! I'm happy to hear it. I'm sure it's a huge load off your mind.

Alison said...

Big time!
Along with that dresser set from your mom, I have to say today was a *good* day :D
Calista's room looks better already :D I still have some stuff to do with it... bigtime improvement now :D