Friday, July 29, 2005

Last Weekend

Was just awful. I won't be getting into the ugly details... but... it involved Jeremy being drunk both Friday and Saturday nights. Friday night was the worst. I had the phone in my hand to call my sister, Angele, to pick me, the girls, and my stuff up in her truck for Saturday morning. Jeremy grabbed the phone from my hand and threw it to the floor. And yes, my sister, Cherie, her 3 girls, and my mom were all here last Friday. So, they were all witness to the events of that night and so forth. I told him Sunday that I'd rather him smoke 3 cartons a week than to drink alcohol. He looked at me kind of strangely... he knows how much I HATE him smoking.

On to this week and today.

Jeremy hasn't brought home a beer at all since Sunday. He told me today that he has smoked prolly once a day or so... he said that there's studies done that shows that those who quit cold turkey usually end up smoking again whereas those who cut back have greater success in stopping altogether. I have no qualms with him smoking once a day. Better than 20x a day.

But, what I'm really happy about is NOT seeing beer in his hands everyday. That man just CANNOT handle drinking. Not to mention ALL the times he's come home AFTER drinking already!!! Like he didn't have a DWI already that it took him a year and way too much money to finish up with! PLUS our 'new' car that he's driving that still isn't paid off... I mean, we have the title, but, we used MY visa to buy it... under MY name... not his. And, I just know from past instances, if its totalled and he hasn't paid it off, he won't... and there goes the start of my 'good' credit history... distroyed.

To make things even worse... we STILL haven't gotten that settlement money from his accident way back in March! He missed over 2 months of work and we're 2 mths behind on bills! When is this money going to come to us? I'm trying not to stress out about the bills... and I know that (the bills piling up)just makes it worse for Jeremy. And I know that's one reason why he'd drink beers after work... but... he needs to figure out another way to handle his stress.

I can't take what happened last weekend again... and I won't. I will definitely leave with our children... if only temporarily until he can figure out what's his problem(s) and deal with them... and also until he figures out what he'll be losing if he does what he did again.

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