Sunday, September 18, 2005


Hmmm... I didn't change the template, but its different for some reason. Gotta go inspect that.

Oh, here's a picture of our biggest watermelon, before we picked it and ate it last weekend :D

My foot (size 6, 6½) was about half the size of it! We were so proud! And it was quite tasty too :D


Jessica said...

Hey why did you not put the pic w/ yo foot?
Is that online visitors counter thingie rea? I mean do you really have people watching you from all around the world? Do you know them? Does that not freak you out?

Alison said...

Because my feet aren't the prettiest in the world! lol

Yes, that's a true counter... but added late so it doesn't account for EVERY visit to my blog.

And no, it doesn't freak me out at all. If that type of thing would, then I wouldn't keep a blog at all.

Just to let you know, a lot of times those from other countries are spammers. They put in spam in the comment areas, I just delete them asap :D

Jessica said...

he he he, I got that! It was so stupid! On my anniversary one I got a dating service...hello??