Wednesday, March 15, 2006

American Idol

My favorites right now:

Taylor Hicks
Chris Daughtry
Katharine McPhee
Ace Young

I really, really like Taylor! You can just see how much he enjoys what he's doing. I love watching him. I think he's my top favorite, since the auditions, really.

Chris looks like he's already a rock star :D

Katharine did really well last night. I haven't really been paying attention to the ladies until last night. They haven't really impressed me as much as the guys have. Although, I do like the Pickler chic :D lol I liked a couple of the chics that were voted off already.

And Ace, well, he's just a hottie :D lol No, really, he's good-looking but he sings good too. You can just see him singing to you when he's on stage.

I think a guy will win this year... that's my prediction. And I think it'll either be Taylor or Chris.


Jessica said...

Yep, Ace is a hottie!!!!!!
I like him the most :D

Alison said...


I was all worried when I saw him in the bottom 3 last night; thankfully, he wasn't the one kicked out! woohoo!