Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Me and Wyatt

Here's some pictures that Tasha took this past Saturday at her house.

We had just gotten to her house and Wyatt had been sleeping, just woke up and didn't like the bright sunlight! It was hard on his eyes, I guess :D hehehe

In one, you can see him gnawing on my finger :D
Then, of course, the other two were taken later in her house.

As you can see by the double chin, I still have lots of weight to lose... I'm 12lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight; which is great but I still want to lose more than that.


Jessica said...

Double chin doesn't look too bad, you are being to hard on yourself!
hip-hip horay! For being so close to your pre-pg weight! You are closer than I am :(

Alison said...

Well, its the double chin along with the chubby cheeks... LOL

Really? I thought you'd be pretty much at your normal weight by now; if not at your normal weight then you must be at a real 'normal' weight... LOL Although I'm sure you're still skinnier then most females your height... LOL