Thursday, April 06, 2006

Miracle of Birth

Momma Cat had her babies yesterday!

I knew she was close because when I went to get the mail, she followed me and was mewing at me... she's usually not too vocal. Her tail was up and she had a bloody show... I wasn't sure if she had started having them yet or not. Of course, she hadn't yet.

Here's pics of the birth of her first one :)

She must not have realized it was happening so fast because she had her first one right in front of us (we were on the carport)! You can see the little black head inside of her tail; she's licking him/her.
Here she is again, cleaning some more... baby is by her head.
See how close we all were? The momma cat was totally cool; she didn't freak out or anything even though we were all around.
Calista watching on the side of me and that's our little neighbor, Jude.
She's eating the afterbirth... little wet baby is right in front. That baby was walking all over the place! But Momma Cat kept her eyes on that baby. She's SUCH a great momma!
And finally, after finishing up the birthing process for the first one, she promptly brought the black kitty to the place she had her first batch of kittens last May.

Today, she has 6 of those sweet things :) One solid white one. I'm hoping the white one is a male, because I want to keep it this time! Last year, her only white one was the only female, so we gave it away!


Jessica said...

Yep, the miracle of birth is an amazing thing! I remember watching our "moma cat" giving birth. Still to this day when I see "gorgial" I think I seen him be born :D

Anonymous said...

omg im in tears
how precious

Jen, eternal cat freak

Alison said...

I'm a cat freak too, Jen... so, you're not alone :D hehehe

Tasha said...

That's cool. I can't say I'm a cat freak....they just make me sneeze too much!!

Alison said...

I'm sooo glad I'm not allergic to animals! OMG... I'd hate that!