Thursday, April 06, 2006

Our Babies

Good Momma Cat
She did not leave those babies from the time she had them yesterday until this evening! I tried to move her so I could put some newspaper under them but she wouldn't have it!
I had to wait for her to finally leave to do it.
When she finally left the first time, I not only put the newpaper down, but I took this sweet picture, with the sole white one in the middle :D There's 3 black and 2 black/gray tabbies.


Angie said...

How sweet! I love the picture with the white kitten in the middle. :)

I bet the girls are in love with them already.

Alison said...

That was so cool how the white one was in right in the middle; I just had to get a picture! lol

Ooohhh yeah, the girls LOVE them. I have to keep reminding them not to touch them yet; I don't want Momma Cat to move them; she may not... but, I don't want to risk it.

They can't wait to play with them :D Good thing cats grow up fast!