Thursday, April 20, 2006

New Hair Cut

Yep, I did it.
I let my sister, newly licensed beautician, free reign on my hair... except to leave some length. Well, she certainly exercised that! lol There were masses amounts of hair on the ground! And OMG, does it feel soooo weird now when I put my hands in my hair! Its like there's nothing there!
It will take a me a little time to get used to it... but, I'm liking it better now; esp. since she did the highlights.
I know it'll feel more comfortable in this frickin' heat down here... less hair, more air... :D I would maybe even go real short, but, Jeremy would probably have a conniption (sp?).


Anonymous said...

Great job she did! Sooo complimentary to your features! great hair cut!! Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful! Wow!

I gotta come down there and pay her to do mine! hee hee


Jessica said...

Well, what did Jeremy say about your new style?

Alison said...

He hated it. I knew he would. But, he hasn't seen it 'fixed' either. I don't have a flat iron or even a curling iron to use on it yet. So, he saw me, after driving 2 hrs with the window opened (because it was nice and cool outside).

I showed him these pics and he said 'very pretty'... so, I don't know the final verdict.

And thanks so much, Jen! You're always so sweet! If you ever get to come down here, Cherie would eagerly do your hair free of charge :D

S. said...

I love it. You look fabulous!

Alison said...

Thanks so much, S. :D I appreciate it!