Friday, June 30, 2006


Hmmm... my digital camera isn't working with the rechargable batteries that we have... I'm going to buy some new ones and see if the ones I have are bad; or not strong enough now... I'm crossing my fingers. If anything's wrong with my camera, I don't know how anything could have happened to it. Jeremy bought me a camera case for Mother's Day and I've been faithful about putting it in there after I use it.

I'm missing pics... Like, the other day, Wyatt pulled himself to his feet a few times; couldn't take pics of this feat :((

Trying to clean out our house. Have stuff in the trunk of my car and by the door to get rid of; plus more to go through. I'm in the middle of going through Wyatt's clothes... getting rid of anything under 9mths... which is quite a bit. Have to ask Tasha if she wants the bassinet back since he's getting to where he grabs the sides of it when he wakes up and pulls up. I guess I can set it on the floor though; I'll see. Also need to see if she wants the baby bath tub back (maybe sell on eBay?).

Doing crunches almost daily and not eating past 8pm. Some days, I'm doing other things like push-ups and leg stuff; while on the floor with Wyatt.

Our computer is crashing... depends on what we're doing on it. Like, it crashes or just the program crashes while I'm playing Sims 2; even when I disable custom content.

Been having lots of dreams; vivid ones, of course. Can't really type them up since I waited too long to record them... can't remember them well enough.

Jeremy didn't get that raise he had on that one check. They said it was a clerical error and took out the difference in his next check. Wonderful, huh? So, he only went to work one day last week, Monday, when they told him about it. He returned to work this past Monday and have gone everyday since. They didn't say anything to him; he was even supposed to work that weekend but didn't because he was proving a point to them. He's not worried if they fire him since he's in demand now and can easily find another job welding for over $20/hr now. He said he's trying to get the guys he works for to understand they need to pay their guys better or they'll lose them; they've lost like 9 guys to this one other company within the last month or so.

We're having company this weekend! Cherie and her girls and possibly mom will be here tonight and Angele and Shane will come up Sunday (more than likely). So yay! I'm glad I've been keeping the house somewhat clean... LOL I have to still pick up the girls' clothes but that's about it. Most clothes/towels/dishes are clean as of now :D woohoo! Go me! :D :D :D The bathroom and the refridgerator or both clean already! yay! :D lol

Alrighty, I think that's about it... gotta eat and finish up these chores.


Jessica said...

O'man that so sucks about your camera. My cuz Eric was telling me that to put reg Aklin bat's could mess up your camera and to use the Lit one' prob know that, but....just thought I would pass it on.
Man sucks abou J's work too...I know what's it's like when "bosses/company's" don't want chuck out the dough...I still think Eddies getting a deal (eyes rolling)
Wyatt's pulling up, cool! Veronica is walking all over the place (holing on, of course)
Cool that your house is clean...great that you have the energy, and the a/c...sigh :(
and you are exercising, (rolling my eyes) LOL
What you going to do about your computer?
You are having company? Our invite must have gotten lost in the mail....

Alison said...

Girl, you know how it goes... no one (in our family anyways) needs an invite to come to our house! They decided they'd come on their own and let us in on it!

I usually use rechargable batteries in my camera... the batteries that were last in it were rechargeable; so, I don't know... I didn't get any new ones yet.

Cute about Veronica walking all over :D I told you that girl was on the go! lol