Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Timer Pics

Okay, one of the hardest things that I've tried to do is to take family pics using the self-timer on my digital camera. You have about 10 seconds to press the button and get into position before it flashes; NOT an easy task.
None of them are satisfactory to me for one reason or another...
Here's a decent one but the girls aren't even looking at the camera... and Ursula's doing some weird thing with her eyes/face... LOL

Don't like myself in this one and don't like Calista's face in it either.

Now, this one could have been the best one if it wasn't blurry and if Wyatt would have been at least looking at the camera.

I messed this one up:( It would have been a pretty good picture of us if I wouldn't have been in the middle of talking!!! Oh well...

I took these the night before.
Would have been cuter if Calista's hair was fixed and if they would have been dressed better :D

Notice how motherly Ursula is towards Wyatt...

LOL and look at his face! lol


Jessica said...

If you could just cute here and paste there, I think that you could create a great pic :D
I like the one of the three, the top one.

Alison said...

Yep, cutting and pasting would probably give a much more desired look... LOL

I like the top one of just the three too... if only Calista's hair was not messy and if she was wearing something other than her nightgown! lol

Jessica said...

Her hair does not look bad, esp in the top one. And one can't really tell that it's a night gown.