Tuesday, October 03, 2006

FreeCycle is Awesome!

Yay for Freecycle!

I now have a KitchenAid dish washer!!! Woohoo! I had my neighbor pick it up yesterday and since Jeremy stayed home from work today (said there was nothing to do there), he's installing it today.

Yeah, and you can see Wyatt's reflection in it too :D
What's cool is that it matches our stove! hehehe
We haven't washed dishes in it yet; need to buy some detergent but it seems to be working just fine! AND it was clean inside! Of course, I'll do a cycle of bleach just to make sure!
In other news...
I got in my $50 Wal-Mart gift certificate! Where did it come from? Mypoints.com! Finally, after clicking hundreds of emails, I was able to accumulate enough to have them send me a gift card! I could have gotten a card for other places, but since I rarely ever go into Lafayette, I might as well get one for where we frequent, huh?
Not sure what I'll get with it... I was thinking that maybe I'll get us a new comforter for our bed. Or sheet set for Calista and Ursula's bunkbeds (that actually match each other)... then, I was thinking that maybe I should just get something for myself since I'm always getting stuff for others in my family... I don't know... I'll see and post when I do it.


Jessica said...

Wh-wh-wha-what? COOLIE-O!! I bet you are really really excited!! It's cool about his reflection in it, I have pics that I took today that has Jared's reflection watching the kids, I'll be posting soon. Funny that we both got reflection pics ;)
O' and as far as your 50 dollar W-M card, IMO you should get some pics developed!! That's just me :D

Alison said...

I washed unsoaked or unrinsed dishes in it last night, just to see how well it worked and girl, it works nicely!!! Only 2 things didn't come out sparkling clean! woohooo! I told Jeremy the deal is to rinse off our dishes FIRST and THEN put them in to get washed when it gets filled. My countertops look so nice now! No dish drainer up there! Makes the whole area (kitchen/living room) look cleaner! AND since the dishwasher fills in that hole/space, it makes the kitchen look complete!

Yeah, I do need to get some old rolls of film developed... I should do that... even though I want to buy The Little Mermaid and X-Men DVD's since they just came out yesterday... :D

Jessica said...

O'I am so with you on ALL you just wrote!! ESP the DVD's I want both too!!!!! LOL
I know what you mean about the hole, and the dish drainers...YEP, you'll love it forever!! Dishes? what Dishes? LOL