Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Visiting Cousins

This is Gene with some of our kids. Gene's a friend of the family and very helpful with watching the kids at Racquelle's soccer game... a good 'Manny' to have around :D LMAO

We went this past weekend and will be going back this coming up weekend (wow! Two weekends in a row??? Must be a record or something??? LOL).

We're going to see Racquelle's last soccer games for this season, for Jessica's 26th bday (scary Friday the 13th), and to pick up our cell phones!!! Woohoo! We're finally getting some! Everyone else I know already has one and has been having one!
Xavier (Jessica's oldest) and Calista watching TV (of course!).

Calista and Racquelle playing :D
Racquelle will be 10 next month.

Ummm.... I have NO idea why this picture won't load up the whole way... I've tried many times to get it right but it just isn't working... guess its not so bad since you can see all of the kids anyways... (click on it and you can see it fullsized)
I took this picture at the park near where my sis, Cherie, works. Just her kids and mine there with me, our mom, and Gene (a family friend).

The kids had such a good time!

This is a really nice park too!

This picture was taken by Jessica... its me and Veronica :)

Doncha just love that double chin I have??? Gosh, I need to get that thing sucked out surgically, huh? ewww...

Wyatt and Veronica - almost a month apart in age.

Jessica took these two pictures of Ursula and Olivia with my camera this past Friday when we (me and the kids) went visit.
Olivia is 4 (as of September) and Ursula is still 3 yrs old; until right before Christmas.


Jessica said...

Is Olivia really that much taller than Urs?

Jessica said...

HEY...I double click on the pic and it brings me to my page...wierd stuff is going on here.

Jessica said...

gosh you just keep adding pics here, huh.
Cute pics of our kids. AND I like the one of you and Veronica is great. You are too hard on yourself!

Alison said...

No, Olivia isn't THAT much taller than Ursula... its just the way they were situated. Olivia is a tiny bit taller... like half an inch.

I fixed that pic that links to your page.

Yes, I kept adding pics because I kept messing up so I just published everytime I added new pics. :D

Jessica said...

OMG, did you have to put my age!!!??? I had to read that twice, then think....uck, she's right!! LOL You BE-OTCH!! LOL
I just wish I was having that party I wanted :( Trying not to think about it.

Alison said...

LOL Yes, I just had to put your age (evil grin)... but, really, you are the youngest of us...
I'll see ya Friday :D

Jessica said...

Yes, I am the youngst (evilER laugh)!! LOL
That's tommorrow!!

Jessica said...

everytime I see the pics of Wyatt and Veronica, I over look the kids and see the mess!! LOL B/C of these pics I cleaned under the sofa real well.

Alison said...

That's funny... I hardly ever do that... overlook the main objects/persons in the pic and see the mess :D heehee