Monday, October 23, 2006

Weight Check & Missing Kittens

I weighed myself at Jeremy's parents' house Sunday night and I'm now at 140lbs! yay! That's 5 lbs below pre-pregnancy weight. I know that still sounds like a lot... and it is... esp. for my height... but, here's a picture of me from today.

Still have some weight to lose to make myself happy.

**Please refrain from looking at the background... LOL

Yes, I realize that by saying that, it makes you look even more... LOL But, what you see behind me is part of our PC area... the side of it has been removed and its no longer crashing... guess it needed some air? Against the door is a working treadmill. And that's our sofa with clothes on it that needed to be picked up. Oh, and of course, by my feet is one of Ursula's many babies.
And yes, I have a white bra on... once you're so big, you don't get a great assortment of bras to choose from. Most are white and big enough to wear as hats.

I'm So PISSED!!!

My kittens have all disappeared.

Its like they were taken by two's.
My last two disappeared the other day.
I kept hoping that they'd return but nooooo they haven't.

And it was the white one that I wanted to keep!!!
And that little tabby, he was sooo sweet! He'd purr whenever you'd pet him! While we were gone the other weekend, Jeremy thought they were missing then but they weren't. They returned that Sunday night. That's why I keep waiting and calling them but nothing :(

These are the last pictures I had taken of them (Oct. 20th, 2006). That next day, they were gone :(( :(( :(( I'm wondering if either our landlord or his son has anything to do with this. We had plans to give them all away except for this white one. Its not like we were going to be keeping all 6 kittens along with 2 adults... we already had people that wanted them. I think someone took them. I mean, come on... 2 at a time were gone for the most part. One was killed, I know that, saw it... but, the others? There's no sign of their demise. Pisses me off. I just know that someone is behind it; intentionally taking our kittens without letting us know.


Jessica said...

Man Ali, the kitten thing SUCKS! I have a female cat you can have (evil laugh) LOL I say get all the females you can and one male and then see how many kittens you end up w/. Then maybe you can catch someone!! he he heh
COOL about your weight lost! I bet you were shocked when you seen how much you weighed. I say that b/c you are TOO HARD on yourself!!
O'and what mess? LOL

Alison said...

hmm... I don't want your evil cat... LOL j/k She's pretty... but, kind of rough, to say the least... hehe Yeah, I'll be that crazy lady with all the cats, huh? lol I don't think Jeremy would go for that idea (get lots of female cats for lots of kittens)! lol
I had to correct something... I put 'not' unstead of 'now'... I weigh 140... that's super close to the 130's... woohoo! Hehe! I can't wait to be in the 130's again! Also, it wasn't last night, it was Sunday night. I had started the entry the other day but had to charge the camera's battery so I couldn't transfer the pics.. then, Jeremy stayed home yesterday and was on the PC almost the whole day. I should have checked it over before publishing, huh? :D
I guess I'm hard on myself because I KNOW what's under this fat! LOL I want to be able to strut again and feel pride in my looks; esp now that I'm 33.
I have my little 8 lbs weights in the living room now; so, whenever I can, I pick them up and do some arm exercises and even put them on my chest when I do crunches.

Anonymous said...

Hello Alisson,
What a beautifull kids do you have. God bless them!!!
Im so sad about your white cat. Hope it will come back. Im a cats lover too and have a siamesse one.
Greattings from Venezuela.

Alison said...

Thanks so much, Helen :D I'm sad about my kitty too :( I was really hoping to have him for a long time!
Venezuela! Cool! I'd love to go visit there one of these days!