Monday, November 27, 2006

What a Weekend...

Okay, the week went well... we visited my siblings and all... me and the kids drove back home Wednesday. Thursday was Thanksgiving, so we ate with Jeremy's parents' and sibs and their kids. Food was very tasty. Turkey wasn't dry at all and Jeremy's smoked ham was yummy too. Anyways...

Fridays are usually good. The end of the school/work week. Payday. Sleep in late the next day, etc. Fridays, Jeremy usually does go drink with a co-worker/hang out, whatever... and a lot of times, he'll bring home something to eat (Mexican take-out, pizza, Taco Bell, etc) and perhaps, a few DVD's (we got to Hollywood Video and buy the 3 for $25 DVDs). So, even though Jeremy doesn't usually arrive home until late, its not too too bad because the kids may or may not still be awake... its mostly relaxed here and we get to munch on some fast food and watch a new movie.

Friday, November 24th sucked.

First, our girls wanted to sleep over at their grandparents' house, so J's parents came and picked them up around lunch time. That was nice.
So, it was just Wyatt and me until Jeremy came home.

Jeremy went hang out with his foreman, Jerry, at Jerry's house. Jeremy had already cashed his week's check. Jeremy called me from his cell phone, asking if I'd like him to pick up some pizza and some movies. Sounds good. Call me when you get to the video store so you can tell me what movies they have. He calls me allright. Calls to tell me that his money is all gone!!! Yes. Wonderful. $600 gone. Nowhere to be found. No idea where it went. He went to pay for the movies and his money just wasn't there.

Here's the impact... Jeremy likes to live check-to-check for some reason. He also hates going to work even 5 days a week. So, we mostly use the money he makes in 4 days for our living expenses (instead of him working 5-7 days and bringing home extra... yes, this has caused many fights and arguments). The electric bill is due. It had already been pushed back. It needs to be paid or we have no electricity. So, this check would have actually brought us up to date with the bills. We would have even been able to buy a few presents. We would be pretty much stress free for now.

So, Jeremy is distraught. He is angry/pissed. He ravages the car looking for the money. Nothing. He even returns to Jerry's house and Jerry hasn't found the money. Jerry, though, had friends there that night, any of which could have easily 'found' the money if not pick-pocketed him.

After the anger comes remorse. He calls again... he's speeding down the interstate... telling me to go on with my life without him... find another man to take care of us, that he messed up. Apologizing to me.

I can't go off on him. I can't tell him that I've told him upteen times to leave his money in his car and only take what he needs out on payday. Don't carry around large sums of bills. Keep them in the car, locked up. How many fights or arguments have we gotten into because of him going to a co-workers house after work or going out for beer after work? How many? I finally just resigned to letting it go. Let him go. I got tired of fighting/arguing with him about it. He wasn't changing and it was just wasted energy on my part to try to get him to stop and come home. Because even if he did come home, he'd be pissed at me. And I really do hate arguing. So, I've become, 'whatever' about this.

So, I can't go off on him because he's trying or implying that he's going to hurt himself. When he comes home, he cries; in the bedroom. He punches the wall many times and apparently where the post is located. Hurts his left thumb pretty badly (he's left-handed). Its slightly swollen.

Okay, so Friday ends up being not very good... however, because I had to reverse gears (like I told him that its only money), things ended up on a better note with Jeremy cuddling up with me.

Jeremy calls his parents, sees if there's work for him to do so that they can pay him (so he can at least pay for gas & continue going to his job so he can get his next check). He plants some plants his mom had bought and cut the back yard. His mom made some okra and turkey (from Thanksgiving) gumbo. It was good of course. They had a horse running at Evangeline Downs, so we go there. And YAY, their horse wins!!! woohoo! First time in how many years? that they've been running horses that I finally get to get in a picture??? LOL Anyways, that turns out nicely... the payout from betting wasn't too great because I think he was picked to win. So, my $2 bet to win won me $2... LOL woohoo! Big money! Jeremy's dad helped him and gave him his winnings off of his bet; which is better than nothing! So, that was nice. The girls wanted to sleep over again but their grandparents said not that night, they had stuff to do.

So, around 10pm, I get a phone call from my neighbor. He asks he his g/f's daughter could come over while he brings her mom to the ER. I ask what happened and he said she swollowed something she shouldn't have. So, McKenzie comes over. The girls fall asleep on the Popazan cushion that's on the living room floor. No call all from our neighbor all night. I call in the morning since we had already made arrangements to go back to J's parents' house for him to do some more work. I call the neighbor (Todd)'s cell and it goes straight to voice mail (probably because of him having to be in the hospital). I left a message saying we were bringing McKenzie with us and to call if anything happens/needed/whatever.

I finally get in touch with Todd and he tells me more. Jenn had drank a shot full of toilet bowl cleaner. And didn't tell him until over 2 hrs later. She was also drunk with alcohol. When he came home, he found her passed out in the mud by their house. Yeah. So, Jenn was in the ER all night and then they had moved her to ICU Sunday morning. That's messed up, huh? WTF?

So, we stay at J's parents' house all day. J's brother, Jason and his family come over too. Jason makes some good burgers on the grill. We eat that, sausage, pork, baked beans, & potato salad.
The girls all have a good time playing together.

McKenzie ends up sleeping over again (I offered). Todd says that Jenn's parents are on their way down and should be here today (I think) and they'll be taking McKenzie with them back up north. Jenn is supposed to be in a normal hospital room today. She'll be under observation until she's better. THEN, she'll be admitted into psychiatric help. No telling how long she'll be there. I feel bad for McKenzie. She has NO idea of what's going on. No idea on how close to losing her mom she is.

So, to sum it up... we lost a good bit of money and almost loss one of our neighbors (that's still up in the air as I type).


Jessica said...

Wow, Ali....that's all so crazy!! ...
here's my sob story, I'm stranded in GA!! LOL

Alison said...

Yeah, see? Things can always be worse... I thought Jeremy losing $600 was bad... oh, after I wrote this entry, my other neighbor (the new ones) told me that her daughter admitted herself and her fiance' into drug rehab (methadone). So, we had our own little black cloud above this group of houses last weekend.

Jessica said...

'lil black cloud' huh? that sucks! I think I have my own black should hear the stuff G put us through/ day i'll tell you the story, unless you want to call Aimee's. Things can only get better, right? Gosh I hope so!

Vicky said...

Hey Alison. Reading your last blogs here!
You and Jeremy sound just like me and my dh Danny. It does seem like they might be related.

OMG! the blog entries about the boy dying because of a beating and the other one of the dog biting off the babies toes make me sooo angry. When i read news like this it also bothers me a lot & invades my thoughts for a few days, at the least. I think ur idea about sterilization is a great idea. I also think people should only be allowed to have 2 kids; if they want more they can adopt. I also have harsher views on what should be done to those who beat kids or women and/or sexuality molest others but i'll leave that for some other time.

Alison said...

Thanks for reading my blog, Vicky!
What's funny is there's a few women out there who say their husbands sound like Jeremy! Frightful, huh? LOL

About limiting people to 2 kids... I'm not really for that because there's many out there that could afford it & love having children & being a mom. Now, I don't agree with women having babies just to get the child support money.

For instance, I had always wanted to have lots of kids. I am one of 5 kids myself. However, we're stopping at 3 kids because we want to make sure we can afford to do things for them. If money wasn't an issue, I'd have more, probably. And let me tell ya, breastfeeding helps save a good chunk of money!!! :D