Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Denmark an Example After Transfat Ban

America, as well as the whole world, needs to follow Denmark's example in regards to eliminating transfat.

Denmark an Example After Transfat Ban

By MARIA CHENGAP Medical Writer

Two years ago Denmark declared war on killer fat, making it illegal for any food
to have more than 2 percent transfats. Offenders now face hefty fines _ or even
prison terms. The result? Today hardly anyone notices the difference.

And the closing remarks:

Stender and other health experts say Denmark's transfat ban should be adopted
"There's no reason it cannot be done elsewhere," he said,
explaining that the food in Denmark is not markedly different from food anywhere
else. "If you removed transfat from the planet, the only people who would feel
the difference are the people who sell the transfat."

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heleen said...

Hi Alison,
thanks for reading my blog. What an awesome story about Wyatt's birth. In the Netherlands (where I'm from originally) homebirth is still the ideal, but without a midwife is very rare. Brilliant!
I'm not such a 'natural mum', with unfortunately ivf and an elective C-section. But breastfeeding is just so easy! It's always there, right temperature and free. I'll probably be breastfeeding for a while longer, but I don't think I'll be breast feeding after they're a year old.

Alison said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Heleen! I'm very proud of my unassisted homebirth! It was awesome!

You know, if I had problems conceiving or carrying a pregnancy to term, I'm sure I would have done whatever medical things I would have to have done to have my kids! I wouldn't exclude you from being 'natural' because of this... I have a sister that hasn't been able to have any children yet and she's 38 yrs old. So, I understand that side of things too.

For some reason, people think that because they have twins, they can't breastfeed. I love that you're doing it! And even if you don't breastfeed past a year, you've still given them the best for a whole year! I'd say the majority of babies don't get that; even for a month!

Don't be surprised if your little ones won't want to wean though... LOL

(I'm copying and pasting this to your blog too)