Monday, November 27, 2006

Pictures From Yesterday

The three girls together... have no idea why Ursula posed like that... LOL
And yes, they wanted to dress alike :D
See the post below this one to see why McKenzie was with us this weekend.

McKenzie and Calista:

The girls love wearing lipstick... we were only going to Jeremy's parents' house... so, what harm could it be? Plus, we all know how fast lipstick wears off... so, I let them play with my old stuff.

Played in the dog kennel (hey, is this like those cages in lol)...

Did some exploration...

They corralled themselves...
And they even did some work :D

They each received a dollar for the sweeping :D I think they all had a good time together. Just had to mention that I had them stay outside to play since it was such a gorgeous day. Calista thinks just because she's at her grandparents' house, she needs to watch TV (they have cable, so lots of cartoons on).

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Alison said...

Jessica, you left a comment regarding this post under July 31, 2005 post, some kind of way... lol

I think that site is a joke... I mean, I'm really hoping it is.

No idea about Jenn. I haven't talked to Todd in a few days. McKenzie went to Virginia with her grandparents either Friday or Saturday.