Monday, April 23, 2007


After going without my computer for pretty much a whole week (arrgghhh!!! - nah, it wasn't that bad... I used that time to read), I finally got it up and running. Ended up having to format it... but, the problem was when I began that process, it wouldn't complete it... the stupid ole blue screen would come up! I was afraid we'd have to bring it in to get serviced once again. And then, I started thinking... if we take out the graphic (Nvidia) and sound (Soundblaster) cards and THEN format it, would that work? And I'm happy to say, it did :D woohoo! I just had to add them in later. So yay for me... for thinking :D

I get to play The Sims 2 again as well :D I was missing them... lol

So, what was I reading while not on my PC? I FINALLY read Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince! I know, I'm behind on that... but, hey, better late then never... plus, I still read it before the movie came out! Shucks, I'm way ahead in those terms! :D Anyways, I LOVED it :D Of course, I love all of the books in the Harry Potter series and hate that there's only one book left!!! boo! But, I know, all things come to an end... at some time, right? (hmm.... The Simpsons haven't yet; which is cool, since I've been a fan since the Tracy Ullman show).

Ursula learned to ride her tiny 2-wheeler last week!!! We're all so excited! See, that means the girls can ride their bikes together and it also means that I can easily get a bike myself with a child seat and we can go riding down the road :D I'll love that as will the girls :)

Jeremy's 2nd softball game was last Friday. His team won their first game but lost their 2nd. And Jeremy hurt his right leg sliding into 2nd base :( So, he's limping around. Here he is at bat... before hurting himself :( I hope it heals up quickly!

I like that he's into some sport now... he really needed it. He was always an athletic person and I know he must love getting to play. His team consists of his co-workers.

Another good thing about him playing is that the kids get to play in the playground area with other kids. So, its been working out for all of us, really :D

And OMG... my 34th bday is coming up... man... Am I really THAT old??? Geez... Ancient, huh? I remember thinking how old people were when they were this age... lol Oh well, can't exactly stop the process. I'd like to think I'm aging well... but, I can see my face getting looser... losing that elasticity... getting fine lines. Sucks. I finally understand why people say that 'youth is wasted on the young' or something to that respect. What sucks more than my face aging is the aches and pains I have. I am not saying that they are directly linked to me getting older as much as old injuries showing up or vaccine damage (in my stupidity, I submitted to getting a tetnus shot as well as a rubella shot when I was 25, after giving birth to Calista)... or me not getting enough calcium. My lower back is almost constantly hurting. I need some chiropractic care. About a month ago, I started taking some calcium supplements along with a multi-vitamin and some other stuff. My bil, Hal, suggested shark cartlage and since I already have it in my cabinet, I'm taking that as well.

Lately, I've been looking at homes. Manufactored homes, Eagle's Nest homes, homes that are up for sale in the area we live in... I'm ready to move. Ready to have a house that is ours. Ready to live in a house with more room/space, storage. I want something with no less than 2000 sq. feet. Would be nice to have 4 bedrooms... 2 bathrooms would be okay. Ideally, each of us would have our own bedroom with walk-in closets. We'd have a toy room. An office. A utility room (washer & dryer area). That's all I want in addition to a nice-sized living room and functional kitchen. I guess we'd really have to just figure out WHERE we'd want to move to. I have land in Raceland but hurricanes hit pretty hard... do we want to even stay in south Louisiana? Maybe move a little more up north? Another state, even? Thankfully, Jeremy's a skilled laborer (pipe fitter/welder) now so, he can find work anywhere, easily. I'm just sick of living in this old ass house that's not old enough to be made well... kwim? It was made cheaply in the 80's.

I want a nice house.

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Vicky from 360 said...

I'm glad u enjoyed the book! I hope your husbands injury is better :( .
My age related [lifestyle related is more like it!] aches are mostly in my legs, especially my knees. I have a book about my astrological sign[Aquarius] and it does say my sign is prone to accidents or problems with the legs or ankles. My knees crackle and when that happens i can feel a throbbing pain afterwards. Plus, i have bad circulation and varicose veins! Ahh! The joy of growing old!

And hey, i wish you guys the best of luck finding a home!

Hugs & kisses!