Friday, April 27, 2007

Its My Birthday Again...


Its just another day... nothing planned. Nothing is ever planned. I don't expect anything either. Never celebrated my birthday growing up... not much has changed in that regard. Plus, we don't have much extra money to spend anyways... Jeremy's company has been slow since February... sucks. He has a baseball game tonight (every Friday night), so I know we're be there. And its not like I can drop Wyatt off at someone's house while we go out... the girls, yes. But, not yet for Wyatt. Not even if I nurse him to sleep first... he always seems to wake up an hour after I put him down and nurses again. So, yeah, no high expections on the birthday front. I think Jeremy will come home with something... maybe flowers. Probably food (we usually get take-out on Fridays). Maybe even the newest Sims 2 expansion pack (Seasons). But, who knows. If not, oh well. It'll be around later for me to buy when we have the extra money. Today is supposed to be when you feel your most powerful... I don't feel anything... maybe even numb (probably shows, huh).

Well, here's something positive... Jeremy and I haven't been arguing as much as we used to. I think it has everything to do with us now having cell phones. He calls me at least once a day while he's at work... sometimes 3 times a day. We talk more now that we have those phones. Crazy, huh? Never suspected that to be a bonus; definitely NOT complaining... happy that we are a better couple.

Happy Birthday to me.

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