Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Gift Shopping

I've been doing some shopping online since I can't leave my house with this damn pneumonia :(  I really wanted to check out some local thrift stores, especially ARC (because I like supporting them).  Wyatt really needs jeans... and you can barely find retail jeans for less than $15/each for a growing boy.  So, I went to and bought him a couple of pairs, bought Jeremy two pairs of jeans, and bought Calista a winter coat :D  They had a special... and I got 40% off the whole purchase!!!  woohoo!  Awesome deal!
PLUS, put it on the Stage card :D

We also bought a mini bike off of eBay for Ursula :)  It'll be her both her birthday and Christmas present and she's fine with that :D  It should be in tomorrow!
We bought Calista a sewing machine :D  She'll be so thrilled!
Bought Wyatt the Batman 2 game for XBox360; its what he wanted.
Bought both girls a new mp3 player and headphones.
Not quite finished buying... but, glad we have what we do so far :)
And Oh!!!  I bought 2 new bras off of eBay yesterday!!!  I'm soooo excited!!! LOL  I HOPE THEY FIT!!! LOL  They're both 32 G's.

As for as gifting family members... not sure what's going on there... Jeremy's talking about not doing anything with his bc of the seemingly total disregard for us... of course, it could all be a great misunderstanding... I'm still perusing possible gifts... with if it comes down to last minute decision to go, then $25 cash to the kids... I don't think they've ever liked our gifts anyways... for either birthdays or Christmas.  Doesn't seem like they did, anyways... But, who doesn't like cash?  I just wish I'd know for sure what the plans are so I can buy; I'm seeing so many cute gifts for good prices right now and there's time to be delivered right now...

On a different note:

I'm not quite sure if its the medicine, illness, me not drinking anything but water and juice, or what... but, I'm down to 136lbs!!!  woohoo!  LOVE that!!!  I hope I can either stay this weight or go down; that would be AWESOME! :D

I have a few days left on my antibiotics... and no family practice doctor.  The Port Barre Family Practice is full... or so they told me.  I think its because I don't have insurance.  But, f*ck them!  There's not many family doctors in the area... I did see that the doctor that attended me in the ER is a family doctor but I think he may be in Washington... I have no idea about that little town.. I think I went there once with a past neighbor, Julie; but that was it.  I guess I'll just go back to Urgent Care for a follow-up and x-ray.

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