Thursday, February 26, 2015

Exercise Update

So, I've been doing at least 50 minutes of cardio...

Yesterday and today, I did a mile on 10 incline... today I went a little faster than yesterday; did about 3.4.  After that inclined mile, I lower it all the way down and do my run/walk for 2 miles.  I run at 5.0-5.3 for a minute than slow down to 3.7-3.8 for a minute.  That is about 40ish minutes; so, almost my 50 minutes.  So, today, after my 2 miles miles of walking/running, I raised it to 5 and walked at 3.7-3.8 until 49 minutes.  I then lowered it all the way down and slowed to 3.3.  I burned 400 calories (see pic).

Roxylean doesn't seem to be doing crap for me.  Kari, (Jeremy's cousin) just started Plexus... I think I'll convince Jeremy to let me try that.

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