Friday, February 06, 2015

Exercise Update

Today is Friday... figured I should document my measurements... so, here they are:

Chest: 41.5"
Waist:  31"
Under belly button (fattest part of abs):  36.5"
Hips:  42"
Thighs:  25"
Calves:  14.5"
Biceps:  13.5"
Weight:  157.8lbs (with workout clothes on)

I don't see anything special about the Roxylean I've been taking.  I even take it without eating and I don't feel any different.  I have been taking a post workout powder in my water that I bought from the local health food store, called Protein 2Go by Designer Whey.  10 grams of protein, 50 calories, made with Stevia.

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