Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Paleo - Finished Week One

So, yesterday marked a week on the paleo diet.  My weight is 172 lbs this morning!  That's amazing!  I haven't seen that number in quite some time!!!  I did a little research and found that it is typical to lose 5-10 lbs that first week, but not to get discouraged if that rate doesn't continue because, what happens is that you're losing water weight.  Carbs retain water.  However, just because you may not experience such dramatic weight loss week after week, you should experience a general decline over a long time.  And, I'm fine with that!!!  Actually, I'm setting my sights on losing at least 10 lbs a month (yes, I can actually see that happening for the first time in my life! ((well, to be fair, it's only been the last 8 years I've been having weight issues; so, not all of my life... but, you know what I mean)))  I plan on doing some exercises too; so, hopefully, that will hasten the weight loss :D  Jeremy weighs 194.7 lbs last night; he was happy! :D  He isn't sticking to the diet as strictly as I am.  Looking up more info on the paleo diet, I found that there's a group that practice primal paleo; which, included dairy. That's what Jeremy is doing.  He could do without the dairy because of his sensitivities to it... but, one step at a time! :D

I've been using the site, PaleoLeap, for reference... lots of recipes too!

I'm so happy with this diet!  No pills... just clean eating!

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