Thursday, December 29, 2005

One Week Postpardum

Okay, actually, its been 9 days. I wear a size 12... bleh Belly is floppy still. My goal is to be a size 3. Barely bleeding. I can't wait until the mandatory 6 wks is over so I can work-out. I think I can probably walk right now (as in walking down the road, pushing a tandem stroller for exercise). I'm still slightly sore in the bottom area. And OMG, can my boobs get any bigger??? Geez... My sister has an electric double breast pump. I'm going to have to borrow it. I just know this child isn't draining me; of course, Ursula is ever so happy to help with that. Plus, I want to start doing 'date' night with Jeremy; at some point in the future. It would really do us good to reconnect on that level. Good for us and for our children.

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