Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Last Night's Dream

...or at least one of them that I can remember...

I dreamt I was at this mall or something like it. And there was this guy gay couple that we were talking to or were next to us... maybe we were in line for something... anyways... I finally tell one of them how much he looks like John, my ex-husband. Well, he tells me that he is. And I'm floored. I get all depressed for the rest of my dream. The reason was because I had no idea and if I made such a big mistake with him, who else was I involved with and didn't was know is gay, was he using me a cover... stuff like that. Then, for some reason, maybe this was what we were waiting for earlier, but I am getting my hair bleached and parts of it dyed pink as well as having it cut real short... more of a bob then a boy hair cut though. I didn't tell the guy cutting it to do it that way, just let him do whatever he wanted with my hair. When I looked in the mirror, there were uneven parts and Cherie was going to fix it for me. But the guy who did my hair was supposed to be really good, a stylist that everyone was raving about.

Oh, oh, oh... another dream, or was it part of the above... but, it was kind of like a movie... I can only remember bits and pieces... someone, or some bad guys were running after me, Jeremy, and our baby (no idea where our girls were... hopefully somewhere safe!). They ended up burning down our house but we were able to go inside before it was too bad and save the baby, who was in a crib??? Didn't see the baby's face or gender. Can't remember why they were after us.

Not sure if this is part of that same dream I just typed, but, I was pregnant like I am now, 9 mths, and about to get into a fight with some skinny guy. Don't remember why. And then a guy I grew up with, that's a JW, initials TF, stood up for me and got the guy to leave me alone by talking him out of messing with me.

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