Sunday, December 18, 2005

Baby Dreams

Two dreams:

The first one was from a few nights ago. Cherie had some sort of dust/powder that would allow her to see my baby. So, she applied it to my belly and next thing you know, you can see my baby like it was out of my body. The weird thing was that the baby was so tiny and also blue and right before she applied the powder/dust, I had felt my belly and it felt the same way I feel it right now, the big parts, like his butt were big... there's no way he should have been so small. Its like he wasn't even as mature as he is now... like, I wasn't as far along as I am. Anyways, I started feeling like he was vulnable, so I started dusting him off and pulling him close to my belly and he 'went' back in.

The second dream was from last night. I had awaken and sat up in bed and I was like, omg, I dropped! So, I stand up, and my belly drops allright... drops like between my thighs. It was like there were nothing there but my skin and the baby. I was slightly freaking out... trying to figure out how to put the baby back where he belongs or trying to think of how to get him out. Weird, huh?

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