Thursday, December 07, 2006

Vivid Dreams

After Calista gets on the bus, I usually go back to bed if Wyatt and Ursula are still asleep. Well, this morning, I dreamt that my brother, Jared, was dressed up in this scary Halloween coustume, mask and all (all black) and he came in my room to wake us up; but, I knew it was him. We got up and I asked him how he got in my house (because I always deadbolt it when I'm in bed). He answered but it wasn't to the question that I asked... in fact, I was confused by what he was saying. Gene was with him (in fact, it seems like they were once again, working together). Gene had on this beautiful blue shirt. He was holding up another shirt of the same color as well, not sure if he was putting it on; but I was hoping he was giving it to me in my dream. I look around my living room and Aimee's (my oldest sister) here too! I asked her what she was doing here and she was kind of blase' about it... saying she used her thumb (and in my mind, it was the kind of Hitchhiker's Guide thumb). It was surprising to me to see them all in my house... for one, I live 2 hrs from my brother and about 9 hours from my sister... so, they usually call before coming.

I ask my brother how he likes my new house (apparently, that's another reason why I was surprised they showed up... I had moved). I was showing him around. And this was a nice house! You know, I've been having a few dreams involving me in a new/different house... hmmm... Anyways, it was shaped kind of like a U. When you walked in, it was the kitchen area. Walked toward the living room, that was the bottom of the U. Then, from the living room, you walk down the hallway to where the bedrooms are located.

Lately, I've been having very vivid dreams, memorable but not jotting them down. So, of course, I end up forgetting them. Funny thing is, is that Jeremy just told me that he too, has been having vivid dreams lately.

Oh, before Jeremy left for work this morning, I must have been going in and out of sleep because I had a dream about that. I dreamt that some guys from his work were carpooling with him and that Jeremy was waiting for them to arrive. I get out of bed and start doing dishes from the night before. One of his co-workers, a black guy (btw, I have no idea what his co-workers look like... I do know he works with several black guys though), arrives. He comes in the house and needs to use the bathroom. I tell him where its located. Then, they all leave the house and Jeremy comes to give me a peck before he walks out the door. And he is black... LOL I think to myself, I'm in a biracial relationship... lol Like I was surprised by that... even after all these years... LOL

What's interesting is that I've never dreamt about black people until recently. If I had, I didn't remember the dreams until recently. Usually, the people in my dreams are my family and if they aren't, usually their faces are blurred.

Dreams always fascinate me.


Jessica said...

Hum, a biracial relationship, huh? Who would have thought being that's he's a Johnson...LOL I think I can see the connection.
I find that his costume reminds me of the 'creature' he once seen in his room. Well that's what I thought first.
The yongest and the oldes just pops in, that seems like something. Were our kids with them?
Working w/Gene again, O lord!
New house cool. Taht seems like a neat layout.

Alison said...

lol yeah, really... lots of black Johnsons, that's for sure!
That costume was actually a creature costume in my dream.
No, other kids besides my own with me... And Aimee... she almost seemed high... LOL
In my dream I was surprised to see Gene with Jared.
About the house... I wanted to go into my Sims2 game and create a house close to what my dream's one was but for some reason, our computer isn't even recognising the game...