Thursday, October 10, 2013

Great Day :)

I have to say that yesterday was a pretty great day :)
The kids didn't have school because the teachers had a work shop.

In the morning, I went walking and Ursula joined me.  We met up with my neighbor/walking buddy, Kelly :)  Ursula stayed for about a mile and then went home :)  Kelly & I walked our regular route and I got in over little over 3 miles :D

I took a shower; told the kids to eat and get dressed.

I brought them to ARC in Opelousas and found some clothes for Wyatt (kids' summer clothes were only a $1 each).  No costumes there.

Then, I brought them to Goodwill because I know they usually have a few costumes (Halloween coming up and all...).  Found a cute pirate dress costume!  Bought it for $5 :)   While we were looking around, a lady came up to me, introduced herself, gave me her business card, and said she'd like to photograph my kids!  As cool as that was, when I saw her name on the business card, I recognized it!  I had just seen her Instagram like 2 or so days before!!!  What are the odds?  I had seen it because my friend, Correy, had put up a pic of herself  and linked this lady's Instagram to it!  I had liked the pics too!

So, that was cool :)

In the Goodwill's parking lot, Jeremy texted me.  He tells me there's a place down the road from his work that has "Halloween Headquarters" on a banner in front of it.  So, I go!  Adventure time! :D

We spent at least an hour there!  Wyatt picked out a G.I. Joe costume... Snake Eyes, I think?  Ursula picked out a neon zebra! LOL  Too funny!  Calista wanted to be a broken doll but they didn't have all that she would have liked to do it (and they have practically everything you'd need to be anything/anyone you want to be! LOL), so, she chose this cute witch outfit... has a tiny hat and a dress that lights up (batteries included!) :D  Bought her purple and blacked striped thigh highs to go with it; just need to get her some biker shorts so her butt doesn't show if she bends over!  LOL

So, we come home.  We aren't home long before our neighbor's kid, Chase and his cousin come over and ask if they can pet the puppies.  I'm like, "sure!"  Then, they pick one up each and ask if they can bring them to show the girl's parents.  I'm like, "sure!" :D  Her mom walks over and we start talking.  She's interested in getting one.  Then her husband walks over and he's wants one too :)  They ask how much and I tell them $100 and they ask if they can come back Friday or Saturday to buy one!  I'm like, "Sure!!!" :D  They picked out the biggest male; he's fawn colored, soft, laid back, and so pretty!

So, yes, yesterday was a great day if I do say so myself! :D :D :D

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