Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fasting, 2nd round; third day

So, my last meal was Sunday night, around 7-8 pm.
Right now, it's Wednesday, lunch time!  And yes!  I'm famished!  LOL
But, am I really hungry?  Or is it just the habit of eating that's getting to me?
Went to Wal-Mart after my walk this morning... and wow, it smells like heaven!  LOL  There's a Subway right when you walk in!!!
I want to make it all the way through tonight... well, until tomorrow morning!  I'm down to 144lbs!!!  Woohoo!  So, that's 6-8 lbs loss... depends because my weight had been fluctuating between 150-152lbs... see why I want to continue???  ha ha ha
No, it's not easy... however, it's not as hard as it was last time/the first time I fasted.
I'm thinking that if I can get through 3 days, get down to around 140 and continue with my walking, and decrease portion size, I should be able to at least hold steady there; if not lose more!  Wouldn't that be wonderful???  Yes, yes, it would!
So, yeah, I went walk (2 miles), went to Wal-Mart, and tonight, it's Trick-or-Treating since it's supposed to rain tomorrow (which is Oct. 31st).  So, all this on a really empty stomach!  And yes!  I will stash some candy away!  LOL

Friday is the day!!!  Jeremy & I leave Friday to go to New Orleans for the weekend long Voodoo Experience!  woohoo!  So excited!  We're be there with my sister, Angele, & her husband, Shane :)

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