Monday, February 14, 2005

The Blah Week...

The weekend before last (from Friday after Calista got off of school until Tuesday - Mardi Gras) me and the girls were visiting my family in the Houma area. Well, Jeremy didn't have to work Tuesday. Then, he took off Wednesday to work on the wheel area on our car; worked on what he could, then he ordered a CV joint from the parts store. Took off Thursday because that's when the part came in. Went get it and it didn't fit. They no longer make parts for our car... being that its 18 yrs old and all :( So, we have to try junk yards instead. That took all day. So, Friday, he stayed home to go to the junk yard in Washington. There was only one 626 like ours there and they didn't have all the parts we needed, but, did have a couple of them. So, Jeremy spent a good while getting them off that car and onto ours. THEN, Friday night, Jeremy drove to King's and before he even got there, the car DIED on him! Yay... just what we needed! So, now, today he's waiting for some of his friends to return home from work so he could go to the junk yard once again and get another piece for our car! lol Sucks, huh?

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