Thursday, February 17, 2005

Mom's Here

I called my mom to come up here the other day since our car is useless to us. She did :) Jeremy hasn't been to work in over a week now!!! :(( :(( :(( But, at least we have a way to get places now.

There's a part Jeremy had ordered and was supposed to be yesterday... but, it wasn't. Its supposed to be in first thing this morning. Hopefully, it will be and it'll be what 'cures' our sick car and J can once again go to work.

Jason, J's brother, said that they want to rehire him at IPS, right outside of Baton Rouge. That they'll even send him to ABC school (that's what Jeremy said the name was...) and complete his welding education! That would be sweet! Plus, if he changes jobs, his check won't be garnished since they'll have to find him again! {evil laughter}.

Mom and I went to Goodwill yesterday. I picked up a few things. I just hate that they charge so much per item... some things I can get way cheaper on sale at a retail store. One of the things I bought was a khacki (sp?) dress for Calista for school. She has a navy one just like it that I also bought from there :) She loves her dresses for school. Also bought her another regular dress... that Ursula happens to be wearing right now... Ursula likes to find clothes and put them on... lol

We also went to the local Health Food Store (HFS). I picked up a few good sales there too as well as some honey... have to have honey... awesome and nutritous replacement for sugar. Also bought some homeopathic stuff for dairy allergies and also for fever blisters/cold sores. I gave Ursula 3 doses of the dairy one yesterday and her cheeks look great this morning... just look at that picture of her sleeping to see what her cheeks looked like. I'll, of course, give her more today.

My poor baby has had 3 fever blisters already! I don't how she caught them in the first place. Jeremy and I have been so careful when we have ours... its prolly because she always drinks after us. Look at Calista, she has never had any. I also wonder if it could be an inherited type of thing... or disposition towards it... I really hate that my child has to go through life with that crap :((

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