Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Need to Diet

I don't know what the crap is going on with me... but, I need to seriously do something to lose weight.

I am gonna start doing my yoga/pilates DVD this week... maybe even today. I'll see how Ursula acts... last time I tried, she was crawling all over me like I was some monkey bars. I was also thinking of taking out the backpack carrier, putting her in and walking... esp. since my stroller is broken now... but with an added bonus of extra weight while walking... might help burn extra calories.

I am making my goal size to be a 3 again. And, possibly accomplish this before getting pregnant again.

Jeremy is going to IPS today and checking out what's up over there. Jason, his bro, said that they'll start him off at $14. something /hr AND pay for his education for welding. Once he's finished welding school, they'll give him $.60 pay raise every 6 mths until he reaches $17 something/hr.... and the MAJOE plus here is that he won't be getting garnished since they have to find him once more! woohoo

Still playing Kingdom of Loathing :D hehehe Jeremy doesn't understand the appeal of it.

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