Sunday, February 13, 2005

Rain, Rain, Rain

Man... it sucks that its raining today :(

Good news though... I still took some pictures of Calista... and I think they turned out pretty cute :D I'll see about getting prints done @ Wal-Mart to distribute :D

The whole time I'm trying to photograph Calista, Ursula is trying to jump in the pics. So, I go ahead and dress her up so I can take her pic too... but NOOOOO..... she, all of a sudden, doesn't want that.... cries, doesn't co-operate... so, I just take her clothes off and stop taking pics.

Right now, both girls are in the tub.

Oh, Calista loved her 2 Bratz boys we bought her (Dylan and Eitan - had Cameron already), also like her new Leap Pad book as well as her cool "Princess" pillow from Aunt Angele. Tasha sent her a birthday bear with chocolates... of course, Calista couldn't wait to eat them all. She did share though. Ursula had like 2... and OMG... she CANNOT handle chocolate... or maybe the chemicals in it... because she had another one of those reactions where she just screams forever and nothing soothes her. She's done that before with other things... like Jello. Not sure if its the dyes or the sugar or what.

Okay... I'm gonna go ahead and send the pics I took today in.

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