Friday, October 07, 2005

The Climate Here

Mosquito cloud hangs over parish

"Hurricane Rita has created ideal conditions for mosquitoes that now are breeding - and biting - by the millions.

"You can't move without being overwhelmed. It looks like something out of a horror movie," said Lisa Arceneaux, who lives in the Plaisance area."

Man, the frickin' mosquitos are terrible right now! I can't let my kids go outside to play because of them!

We're supposed to be having a cool front this week (woohoo!) according to KATC (down to 54 degrees tonight!) and hopefully, that'll kill off those miniature vampires!

And THEN, we're NOT EVEN out of hurricane season yet!!!

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SEA MAIDEN said...

Wow - sounds horrible. Is that a mosquito fogger I see in the news artical? I haven't seen one since Mississippi. Good luck to you - I can't think of a thing that will keep the darn things away except raid. I know you can't spray that around you all the time. :(