Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Damn Sims!

I ask myself, "Why?" Why did I go and buy The Sims 2??? OMG! Can it be even more addicting than the original Sims??? I can barely tear myself away from it! LOL Of course, there is that newness factor too... but,... between playing it and going online and finding new 'skins'.... geez.... lol Maybe its that inner control freak in me that loves this game so much? Or that part of me that wants to be a stylist (you can do make-up and hair on these sims - I've given many of the game-created sims a makeover already, to make them prettier :D hehe)? Or maybe its a way for me to dream.... oh, the nice houses and furniture you can build and buy! hehehe Or just an escape from reality? I don't know... I told my sister, Angele, that I have it now and she's like, that's why I don't even try to play those games... I know how I am, I'll play them nonstop for 4 days! lol Maybe that also runs in the genes... because our brother is a game freak; always has been... from Atari to Coleco (oh gosh, I have no idea how to spell that one!) to X-Box and PC games... it never ends for him. He says he needs the constant stimulation... lol His firstborn is only 5 yrs old and just like him in that aspect.... meaning, he loves playing video games.

Calista is fond of PC games... but not so much the console types. Not sure what Ursula prefers yet. So far, she's way more into pretend play with her babies and Barbies than anything else... although she really likes to ride her bike now!!! Calista is expressing interest in soccer. I'll have to find out about any soccer teams in the area; I have no idea what season they even play in! lol I know little to nothing about that!

Back to The Sims 2... lol I love that game. I have the original and the one for the GameCube. And they are all different from one another, love that about them too. But, as for now, I think I prefer this PC one, Sims 2. You have way more control over way more things... from their facial features to their skin coloring (you can download green, blue, tattooed, etc skins for them) to the cool ass 3D viewing of everything! Smooth transitions. Great sound. Awesome graphics and textures. You can even talk to the NPC (non-playable characters), like the mailman and maid (there's also a male maid too!) So far, there's two expansion packs. And of course, I want them. lol But, I'll give it time before I buy them. Look how long I waited for this one! Its been out for at least a year already, right?

Jeremy stayed home today... so, I don't see me playing it today, not while he's awake anyways. So, I guess I'll do some house cleaning... {groan}. So not fun... I wish I had a maid... lol

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Jessica said...

I wish I had a maid to!! I maid like Rebecca and Eddie had...ya know, trustworthy, reliable, pretty good....hey, even a male maid, that would be the bomb!! a SEXY male maid!! (while we're dreaming) LOL to this post, addict!! One "snif" and that's IT!! LOL okay okay....later