Tuesday, October 18, 2005

License to Drive... Again!!!

I'm SO excited!!! After having gone 2 yrs with an expired license and having an insurance block on it, I finally have a license to drive again!!!! WooHooo!!!!

My sister, Cherie, came over Sunday and left Monday evening. Monday morning, she brought me to the DMV and generously paid for me to get my license all fixed!!! A bonus to this was that they didn't make me retake the written or driving test!!! I was so happy about that!!! I was told by the DMV, when I called, that I'd have to retest since it had been over a year since my license was expired!!! We expected to be in there for a few hours! NOPE! From the time we entered the building to the time I was given my license, it was like an hour! And the parking lot was FULL!

What a sister, huh?

Not only did she do that, but she low-lighted my hair, as you can see in my blurry pic, my roots are horrendous! lol But, the low-lighting helped blend the roots with the lighter parts. AND she gave me a manicure! *She's finishing up her cosmetology schooling, so, I am happy to have her practice on me!*

So, we had a busy Monday. Monday evening was Calista's Flea/Fly practice and group picture. I was able to drive there!!! So, that was awesome and MAN! Does our '93 Cadillac DeVille drive good!!! What a sweet, smooth ride! See, even though we've had it since March '05, I am too chicken $hit to drive without my license... lol So, its been a while since I've driven any vehicle!

You should have heard Calista. She rode with Cherie and her girls to practice and they followed me and Ursula in our car. Well, Calista gets out Cherie's *new-to-her* van and asks where her daddy is. I told her he's still at home (he took the day off) and she asked how I got there, I told her I drove! She started jumping up and down and was all excited that I can drive again! hehehe She was cheering and all :D hehe

All I need now is a car....


Tasha said...

Can I get a whoot whoot????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alison said...

LMAO :D 'whoot whoot'!!! :D