Sunday, October 30, 2005

Our New Monitor!

Woohoo! Jeremy came home with a 19" flat screen (not flat back though) monitor! Man, its sooo much better than what we had before!

Here's the background story... when we bought our Compaq Presario, the monitor we had bought to go along with it (and had upgraded to a bigger size) only lasted a year. Instead of bringing it back... it just sat in our back room (storage room). Jeremy had brought it to a local repair guy and he said there was nothing he could do to fix it. So, Jeremy bought a monitor from him, that was actually in use at their shop, for their shop. So, it was second hand. Anyways, from the time he brought it home, I noticed it was blurry. Also darker than it needed to be. We'd try to adjust the monitor settings themselves as well as our graphics card, but, nothing really worked quite right. We just dealt with it.

Well, I guess Jeremy finally got sick of it and he went put a monitor on layaway. And I have to say, YAY! I love this one! hehe

I can actually read the screen now! Most of the times before, I had to highlight the text of many sites and emails just to read them! Another good thing is that now I know exactly how to correct the coloring, contrast, etc. of my digital photos!

There's one more thing I want to buy today. I believe the sale at Wal-Mart ends today, that's what today is the day. Its a 3 in 1 printer, scanner, fax machine for $50. Plus, the cartriges aren't too badly priced, like my other printers (that haven't worked in a couple years). I've been wanting another printer. I thought my older ones still worked but we bought more ink and they still do nothing. I've also been wanting a scanner... so, this will work out perfectly!

Today is Calista's Flea/Fly game @ 2pm. Jeremy's parents are coming this year. I won't have any video footage of it this year as I don't have a battery for my video camera. I will take pictures, of course. I'll post them in my girls' blog later on.

I'm going to have to remember to buy another video camera battery too... esp. before this baby is born! As well as some new rechargeable AA batteries for my digital camera; the ones I have now seem to be on the brink of oblivion... :D


Jessica said...

I see you got a wish list going there. Put a list on the fridge, maybe Jeremy can check it every now and then...and on payday he'll know what to "suprise" you w/. Not that he's not doing a great job w/ thing that you would want/like (pots, moniter). That's neat that you guys got a new moniter :D (did i tell you our t.v. went out?)

Alison said...

Oh, I'm not one to really want things... There are things that I need... like bras... which I'll take care of as soon as I get a checking account and check card... well, that or pay off my credit card with that settlement money.

The stainless steel pots were more of a necessity because of the toxic releases from teflon. I've never wanted teflon pots.

The monitor is nice... but, that's more for Jeremy since he loves playing his PC games.