Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Two Birthday Parties

Koltin had his 3 year-old birthday party last weekend. He's Jeremy's sister's (Tasha) son. He had it at this cool skate rink that had 6 jumpy thingies in the back (inside)! Nice place for bday parties :D And then the bday boy got to ride one lap in this big skate! What kid wouldn't like that?

Here's Koltin's little sister, Korah. She is 4 mths older than Wyatt. She's so sweet. She kept calling me Nanny (she calls most ladies that! lol) and would give me kisses just whenever :D Gotta love that!

This is Jeremy's brother's (Jason) son, Carter. He's 7 mths older than Wyatt. So, yep, me, Tasha, Tori (Jason's wife), and also Jessica (my brother's wife) were all pregnant together... me and my in-laws.

The second bday party was a surprise one thrown by Tasha for their parents. They were indeed surprised and thankful :)

Here's their family minus Jason... he had to work.

We stayed up until like 3am... they have this cool room above the barn that has a pool table (with a ping pong top as well), dart board, foose ball table (sp?), full kitchen, and keg dispenser!

One bad thing happened... Ursula dropped my camera :(( And now it won't turn off and it won't take pics... it only goes to the favorites folder (which I never use). There's a year warranty on it; I just have to see about sending it in.

I still have that cheapo camera from before that will have to suffice until my camera is fixed.

And now something cool :D A few weekends ago when I went visit my family, I had brought home a box of clothes with no less than 6 pairs of jeans. Well, I brought a couple of them last weekend since we knew we'd be spending the night. And when we left, Tasha told me that my jeans looked good on me... I was like "Thanks!". She asked where I got them from and I told her they were free :D She asked me if I knew the brand, Lucky and I said 'no'. She said my jeans cost $95! Woohooo!!! So, that was cool! I found out my 'new' jeans were stylish, nice, and current! lol Because sometimes, as a mom who's stuck at home, you kind of just wear whatever is comfortable... plus, when I have the extra money, its usually spent on my children!


Jessica said...

Looks like ya'll had a good time...cool that they have such a great place to entertain!
Sucks about your cam, but it needs to be done...just one fall too many huh? Maybe you could get the express delivery?
SO those are some cool pants? Is that that ones I brought to you from what's her face? Well IF so, your welcome :P

Alison said...

While at Angele's, Cherie dropped my camera and it started acting crazy but I knocked it and it was normal again. This time, Ursula accidently let it fall to the ground while getting Burt Bees lip stuff out of the side pocket and no knocking it has helped :(

I have no idea where the jeans actually came from... they were with all the clothes that were in those boxes on Angele's porch. I thought they came from Margie... who's whats-her-face? Remember, I had told you that I gotten quite a few jeans out, and even that skirt. I had taken pretty much all of the size 8 jeans. What's funny is that some of them I can slip on and off without unzipping or unbuttoning them.

Anywho, if they did come to me via you, than thanks.

Jessica said...

Yep that's who they were from. I I got 2 bags of clothes from all that. All shirts really. I think I got ONE pair of white pants. Neat that some are big on you, I know your excitement. I put on some 1/2's this morning :D I really have mixed feelings though. I don't wanna loose my new found butt...LOL
(hey there miss new booty!)

Jessica said...

I wanted to add two more things (that were prob expected for ME to say :D)
Man, she has some beautiful eyelashes ;) and...love the pony tail(S)...

Alison said...

BTW, I kwym about the booty thing... when I was working out prior to having kids, I had loss a good bit of mine... It was wierd to me... I was, where's my butt???

Of course, you'd notice and comment on the lashes :) That's like your thing! And yeah, those little pigtails were cute :D But now Ursula won't let me do hers... I think she now equates her ponytails with being a baby like Korah (because she said she's a big girl)... I told her I do Calista's hair too... but, I guess its different because of the hair length.