Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Fasting - Day 2

Yay!  I made it through the day without food!!!  Only water!  Woohoo!  AND, I loss 4 lbs since yesterday!!!  Talk about incentive to continue! ha ha ha  So, this morning, I weigh 144 with jean shorts, shirt, and socks on :)  I'm not expecting to lose another 4 lbs today, although, that would be fantastic! heh heh heh

My stomach is rumbling and I have a slight headache... nothing to concern myself about.

I not only did the Gazelle for 20 minutes (could do more, but it's just so boring... LOL), I also mowed most of the yard!  Didn't do all because I couldn't restart the mower after putting gas in it... Of course, Jeremy came home and started it up almost right away... :-/  ha ha ha  So, I need to finish that up today.

I have been having a light rash on my chest for the past few days... not sure what it's from...

Oh, so, we've started charting what 'jobs' the kids do and paying them for it... again, incentive to continue.  We're on the 4th week and it's working quite well; the kids are seeing how it adds up and loving it :)  We're only giving a $1/job with the exception of filling up the water (Pur filtered water picture) & tea... that's only a quarter and straightening up is $.50.  So, anyways, I ask Wyatt if he's going to fill up the water (being that I really need it now that I'm on a water fast!) and he's like, "Yeah!".  So, I take it out and give it to him... he starts acting like a strong man and putting it on his shoulder... well, in those few steps from the fridge to the sink, he drops it!!!  I'm like, "NO!!!"  Crap.  I surely don't want to have to resort to drinking unfiltered water!!!  Well, Jeremy comes inside and sees it.  He showers.  And leaves to go to Lowe's to buy another one!  I told him not to worry about that and that I'll just get one tomorrow but, he left anyways.  He came home with another like we had as well as two filter bottles for both of us :)  Thoughtful, huh? :))

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