Sunday, April 14, 2013


So, our XBox360 stopped opening the CD drive... so, of course, this infuriates Jeremy because he's an avid gamer (MW3).  We look online, and find a special edition, new, sealed box, Final Fantasy console + 250 gb hard drive + FFXIII game + 2 wireless controllers + cheap headphone & (plus all the wires and crap) :D  So, I order it and it came in in like 4 days (from Canada)!  So, Jeremy transfers his gaming info from our 120 gb to the new our new 250 gb hard drive.  Brings the old xbox to Ursula's room (that's where the other TV is located).  And guess what?  Not only will the disc drive not open, it won't spin now!!!  So, this makes his super angry and he decides he's going to go to GameStop and buy another one for the kids.  We get and Elite model console.  So, now we have 2 new XBox360's... why didn't we get the slim design?  Three reasons:  older ones are cheaper, we already had an external hard drive, and Jeremy wants to get the XBox720 when it comes out; which could be later this year!

Also, we went ahead and paid for Ursula to have a membership as well :)  So, now we all have XBox Live memberships :)

What do I like to play on Xbox?  Rock Band, Guitar Hero, and RPG games (like Skyrim).
What do I like playing on our Wii?  Dance games & work out 'games'.

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