Monday, April 15, 2013

Weighty Issues

So, the fasting has helped me :D  I'm 142 lbs this morning :D  I'm trying to figure out what's best... I hear that eating several small meals a day keeps weight down... but, how can you argue with limiting calories; like, not eating... skipping breakfast... stuff like that?  So far, I've been skipping breakfast.  Having a smallish lunch and moderate dinner... like, never ever getting that "full" feeling; no seconds.

Oh, at this weight, I wear like a size 7 snug; size 6 snug; 8's are loose.

What I don't understand is why my bra size hasn't gone down much???  Really irritates me!  I want smaller breasts!  I want to be able to buy bras from most any store that sells them!  I want to be able to wear strapless bras with strapless shirts/dresses!!!  At this weight, before having children, I was wearing either a DD/E or F... I think it was a DD.  I'd be so HAPPY to be that size again!!!  arghhhh

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