Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fasting - Day 3

OMG!  I made it past 2 days!!!  Wow!!!  Yeah, I am pretty sure I never went 2 days without food before... perhaps one... but, I'm quite sure its never been two!  ha ha ha

This morning, I'm down like 8 lbs!!!  woot woot!  I weigh 140.2 lbs right now.  The question is now, how long can I go???  I really want to eat!  LOL  My belly wants food!  I'm feeling more nauseous then anything.

Yesterday, I finished mowing the yard and was feeling very tired while doing it; had to push myself to continue.

Yesterday, I believe I had the most knocks on my door in one day! ha ha ha  First, my neighbor by the RR tracks, Chelsey, came over to ask if I could feed their puppy for the next few days as she's going to see her boyfriend/husband (not sure if they're married) since he's working in another state.  I'm like, no problem (esp. since the puppy comes from us! ha ha ha).   Later, not long after the kids get home from school, there's another knock.  Someone I've never met before.  She says she's the guy next door's cousin and that she'll take the puppy home to try to housebreak him while they're gone so that he'll be able to stay indoors :)  I'm like, does Chelsey know?  She said, no, not yet, but Chris knows :)  She asked if we have another puppy to give away and I'm like, nope... last one went to our other neighbor's friend :D  Her name is Blaire :)  Added her to facebook!  ha ha ha  She seems cool :)  Third knock was Lori.  Asking if Jeremy could go look at her car's back bumper when he gets home from work; he did :)

Back to fasting... the kids are acting concerned that I'm not eating.  But, are they really concerned about me not eating or me not cooking?  LOL  Jeremy tells me that I can eat any time I want... nothing to prove; we all know you can do this; you don't have to!  LOL  I'm like, yes, I know... but, I've come so far!  ha ha ha  He wants me to eat dinner tonight, at least... I really don't know if I can make it to dinner without eating... I mean, I've gotten to a better weight... now its just eating less to maintain... that along with exercise, of course!

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