Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Wreck Update

Jeremy went to his first chiropractor appointment today @ 2pm. X-rays were taken. Jeremy was adjusted, laid on a bed with rollers on it, and had some stimulaters put on his neck. Dr. told him one leg was an inch shorter than the other, one hip turns outward and the other tilts upwards. And his back is crooked. He has appointments with the chiropractor for the rest of this week. One of the papers he brought home said he isn't to do anything involving heavy lifting... heavy lifting meaning anything over 5 lbs. So, no work all this week... he missed yesterday already due to coughing all night and throwing up.

His dad talked to a lawyer friend of his and the lawyer is expecting Jeremy's phone call tomorrow. A personal injury lawyer.

We need to be compensated for days lost from work and we NEED another vehicle. We're not expecting anything brand-new... just something that's reliable... something that will take Jeremy to and from work, an hour both ways, 5 days a week... like we had prior to the wreck.

Okay... American Idol is on... Top 12... I'll write more later :D

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