Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Life Update

Got a frickin' fever blister yesterday! What's up with these stupid things??? I think I went a year without, now, like almost every month I have at least one! I'm gonna have to buy some L-Lysine and take it daily.

Jeremy told me last night that I can have as many more babies as I'd like to... today he said one more... lol But, hey, that's cool :D Now its just a matter of planning for when.

The treadmill is not working right... so, there goes the major part of my exercise/weightloss plan :( I don't know what happened. I was on it, walking, and Ursula was behind it, putting things on it to watch them fall off the end... next thing you know, the tread is folded up on itself, not a lot, but, enough to make lots of noise and not work right. :((

I think I'll do a separate blog for either both of my girls or one for each.

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